Venice -Italy cuts the duration of this year's Venice Carnival . That was in an effort to control the spread of the Corona virus .
Venice Carnival or Venice Carnival should take place from February 8 to Tuesday (02/25/2020). But, the Veneto authorities stopped two days earlier or on Sunday (2/23).

That's none other than because Italy shows the highest number of cases of Corona virus among European countries. To date, 152 people have been infected, with 80 of them in critical condition, and three people have died.

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In the BBC report , Italy has implemented strict quarantine restrictions in two regions, Milan and Venice. As a result, around 50,000 people have been unable to move in and out of several cities in Veneto and Lombardy over the next two weeks, except with special permission.

"The regulation is implemented as soon as possible and starts at midnight," said Luca Zaia, Regional Governor of the Veneto Luca Zaia, as quoted by Time.

Even outside the zone, business and school activities were stopped. Sports events have also been canceled including matches in the soccer league, either in Serie A or the castes below.

The Veneto government has also sprayed public transportation, buses, trains, or other modes, with disinfecting liquids. In addition, the museum is also closed to the public.

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