Taiwan promotes nature and cultural villages to attract Indonesian tourists. The director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei, Abe Chou, said that Taiwan was blessed with the enchanting natural beauty of the mountains. "The mountains reflect the beauty of Taiwan and also the place is not many people so it is not crowded tourists," 

Abe also said the reason for promoting mountain tourism was because the amount was not small. He said, there are about 268 mountains and with an altitude above 3,000 meters above sea level in Taiwan. One of the mountains promoted for Indonesian tourists is Yushan Mountain with an altitude of 3,952 meters above sea level. Yushan Mountain is the highest in Taiwan and the South Asian region. The view from the peak of Mount Yushan mentioned Abe is very beautiful and charming. In addition, this mountain also has a distinctive flower named Tu Chuan, which is famously beautiful.

In addition to Mount Yushan, Taiwan promotes two other high mountains for Indonesian tourists namely Mount Alishan and Mount Yangmingshan . "There are also Mount Alishan in Chiayi and Mount Yangmingshan in Taipei. Both mountains are famous for their beauty and many flower festivals, especially cherry blossoms. So Taiwan has cherry blossoms too," he explained. The best times to climb Mount Yushan are from May to August.

A In line with Abe, the Jakarta Indonesia Economic and Trade Office Representative for Taipei Indonesia, John C. Chen said that Taiwan has beautiful mountains in Asia. He assured tourists will not be disappointed if climbing the mountains in Taiwan.

Promotion of cultural villages Besides mountains, Taiwan also promotes cultural village tourism in Taiwan. According to John, small villages in Taiwan are known for their friendly population and are full of cultural values. Tourists can learn about the local culture of Taiwan in these villages. "The village is friendly and full of typical Taiwanese culture, this is the main point," he said. Also read: Muslim Tourist Guide Before Holidays to Taiwan The Taiwan is divided into five regions including North, Central, South, East, and outside the island. All of these places or regions have their own cultural villages, one of which is in the East, there is a music village called Tiehua Music Village.

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